What is the first thing you see when you meet an other human being? The face. Every single face is so unique and beautiful in its own way. This fascinates me so much and that´s …


Welcome to my internet site. Here you will find my art, my travel blogs and my social projects. Enjoy looking at the paintings, photos and reading the stories I want to share with you!You find …

golden gate


Isn´t our world beautiful? That is a question you should ask yourself a few times a day! Because we live in a fantasy world full of wonders. One of those wonders are the unbelievable landscapes …


abstract art

Sometimes I can express myself better in art than in words. Most of the times (not always) it´s a feeling of pain, loss or love that I can´t explain. Then I just start to paint. …


nude paintings

Nude painting was always a part of my art. I started to paint naked women because I think that the female body is one of the most esthetic things in the world.

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